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Without too much editorial content - my ideas of High Adventure might not mesh with yours - and your personal requirements for safety.  My opinions of 'extreme sports' are that they are namby pamby involving maybe some bruises, a couple of stitches and maybe a plaster cast from the ER - rather than being eaten as a result of failure ...

However I think that Lollygagging may meet with your approval and comfort levels and tempt you to tag along - in town, on the road, upon the savanna, or woods "up north".  After all if its not all about  -  sex and travel bringing back our DNA to the stars - Lollygagging should be interesting if not spiritual. 

Gang once I can figure out how to get my extensive photo galleries attached to this web site I will get them up for you to look at and follow my lollygagging - in town, in the big woods, or on the road. Until them the old archives are up on Snapfish and some are posted on the blog.