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Gang, currently I am creating content for this section.  Once underway this page will contain products and gear I use and endorse on the trail, on the water, or in the woods.  As well as links as to where you can get it for your Gear Pile.

  • Tenkara - streamlining fly fishing! 

    Just think if they had this way back when I was teaching myself to fly fish - imagine the peace of mind that could have been afforded my cousins, pets, old people, and visitors!  Tenkara will fit along side your carry on, or most any back pack.  True, using this system will greatly cut down on the entertainment and mirth of me trying to repair yet another broken fish pole in in the middle of nowhere with twine ... or crafting a new one with a tree branch.

  • SOG Tools

    I carry the Scuba Demo or Fusion fighting tomahawk in a cord wrapped wood handle - its all you need in camp, or on the block.  Its also a standout at the punch table at the Opera.

    Its just a pernicious rumor that I was asked to leave the Detriot Opera House during intermission, I was asked to leave after intermission was over, because my of non-compliance,  not using a plate - I stacked up sushi on my Scuba Demo.  I'm green what can I tell you, it also helps shorten the line for 2nds.

  • Lou Taubert Ranch Outfitters Casper Wy

    I got my fur hat - made in Minnesota - there!  If it sits on you or on a horse they have it.

  • Wall Drug

    I got my Bailey there - Tauberts didn't have my size, my Olsen has been on my hip since '74!

  • Murdoch's

    Ranch stores in the real west.

  • REI Co-op

    Urban Adventurer's Outfitter.

  • Russell Moccasin

    Handmade boots and shoes from your lasts - I love my custom High Country Hunters!